What will we do?

I am tired. Tired of hearing about the multiple rapes that happen all over the world, but especially right here, close to home.

I am tired of hearing about victims who don’t want to come forward because of the disgusting way that people treat them. Asking things such as, “What were YOU wearing?” , “Were you drinking?”, “Did you lead him on?”, “Are you sure you didn’t want it?”, “Are you just upset that your parents found out?”, and the list goes on. NOBODY should have to be subjected to those types of questions after becoming a victim. It is rude, disrespectful, and just down right disgusting.

Same goes for the comment “Boys will be boys!”. No. That is not okay. Not even close. I’m not sure where anyone gets the right to disrespect another simply because they are a certain gender. Since when did society start believing this was okay?

When are we going to make changes? When are we going to stand up and make it known that the actions that the authorities have shown in different cases are not acceptable? What will we do?

We need to teach our daughters that it’s okay to tell a boy no. We need them to understand that no really does mean no. We need to teach them the appropriate ways to dress. Is this because boys can’t handle themselves and girls should cover up as to not get attacked? No. Girls should dress appropriately anyway. If they decide they don’t want to, so be it. But that will NOT give anyone an excuse to commit rape. We need to teach our daughters self defense. We need them to know that they are worth more than their bodies. We need to teach them to be strong. They need to know what types of situations to stay away from. They need to learn that they have a safe place and a safe person/people to talk to if something should happen. They need to know that they won’t be questioned when something happens to them and that justice can and will be served.

We need to teach our sons how to respect and treat a lady. They need to know that just because a girl is wearing a parka or is standing naked in front of them does NOT mean that it is okay to touch them without their permission. They need to know that no, means no and nothing else. When a girl tells them to stop, they stop. No questions asked. We need to teach them that they never do anything with a girl just because she is drunk. If she comes onto them, they need to be gentlemen and avoid the situation. If a girl won’t remember what happened that night and they think she will question it, don’t do it. We need to teach our sons that women are not objects and that they are human beings who deserve respect. We need to teach our sons that those girls are someones daughter, sister, aunt, niece, or even mother. We need to teach them how to stand up for a girl if they see a situation that doesn’t look like it will end well. We need to teach them to be the change. Be different than others.

So again I ask.
What will we do?


Day 25

Phew. Today was exhausting.

I had shoots, every half hour, from 3pm-8pm.
Plus the time it takes to set up the equipment, and take it all down.

But what I learned from these amazing Valentine’s Boudoir shoots is priceless.

To see these women be so confident in themselves, regardless of age, shape, size, color, etc. was incredible.

Too often we see so many different articles about how we should look, feel, how much we should weigh.
These women knocked this out of the water!

While some of them had these photos taken to give to their better half for Valentine’s Day.
There were also those who had them taken just for themselves.

If women being comfortable in their own skin isn’t positive, than I don’t know what is

❤ Love and Laughter ❤

Day 20-23

I know I know. I’m really really slacking at posting every day.

But I promise I am trying!

I have been so incredibly busy lately that it is hard to keep up with everything.

But, when life gets hectic and ridiculously busy, it is a reminder that we are alive. And it is a reminder that we should just slow down and take a breath.

I am looking forward to this weekend, spending time with Lulu, Igor and the Man.

I have to work, however, I wouldn’t necessarily call my photography business work.

I love what I do.

Igor gets to go to the Science Museum with his Gramma, while the Man takes Lulu to a birthday party. Saturday afternoon will be filled with just spending time together as a family, and then the same on Sunday morning.

I hope everyone has a great weekend that is full of many positives.

I’d love to hear about them!

Day 19

Even after you are gone

and watching down from Heaven.

You will be remembered.

You will be loved.

It brings us sadness to know you are gone

But it brings us happiness to know you are always with us.



Happy Birthday Squishy.
Keep flying high and watching over everyone.
You will be forever missed and loved.
Forever and Ever.

Day 16

Well. I spoke too soon. There was no enrolling yesterday.

I was given misinformation and now I have to take care of things from last semester before I can enroll this semester. Only problem is the semester starts in 3 days. *sigh*

I’ll keep positive and believe that things will work out. That’s really all I can do right now.

Day 10

It’s been a while since I actually gave an update on Igor.

So here we go….

He had his tonsils and adenoids taken out back in July.
Let me just tell you.

The doctors and nurses and hospital staff were GREAT.
But it is awful having to keep food and drinks from your child who is so hungry. And then have to wait 2 hours passed the original scheduled time of the surgery. It is hard to watch your child go off to sleep the way they do.

Then you wait.

I don’t know how the parents who have to see their children go through surgery after surgery after surgery, do it. They get major props for that!! Y’all are incredible!

They finally came and got me. They got me about 30 minutes earlier than they normally would because Isak was having some problems. I walked into the room and there were about 6 nurses surrounding him, and he was shaking and flopping. He had a seizure when he woke up from the anesthesia. That. Was. Scary. He came out of it and then I was able to hold him. If you haven’t ever experienced this type of surgery with your child or anyone else, let me just tell you their breath is TERRIBLE. Yikes!!

He was so unbelievably tired and discombobulated that he didn’t want to drink anything or eat the ice-cream they offered. He had to eat and drink something before they would let him leave. After about an hour, he finally did and we got to go home!!

The recovery process isn’t the funnest thing in the entire world either. I had 5 days off with him, and for the first day or so he was okay. He slept a lot, ate popsicles, watched tv, etc. Then the scabs started to form. He was in so much pain it was nuts. The meds that we had weren’t really helping, but they couldn’t give him anything else. Due to his sensory disorder, they think that the pain just threw all of his senses off, so it caused things to be much worse than others would perceive them.

But then the scabs healed. The dying breath went away.

Igor sleeps SO MUCH BETTER. The sleep apnea is gone.
He is able to fall asleep easier, and he stays asleep.
He is much more rested and less cranky!

Even after the crappy day of surgery and days of recovery. The outcome was still positive.
And I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

❤ Love and Laughter ❤

Day 9

This is hard.
So very, very hard.

If you haven’t read or seen the story of the father who threw his 5 year old off a bridge, you can read it here if you feel that you’d like to know more than what I am going to tell you.

This man, if he can even be called that, was in his car speeding with his daughter in the car. A police officer caught him and was following him. This monster stopped at a bridge, removed his daughter from the car, FACED HER TOWARDS HIM, and then just let her go off the bridge. A 62 foot drop. The monster then got in his car, and just drove off at a normal speed. The officer let him go while he searched for this child in the freezing cold water.

She unfortunately did not make it.

This monster was caught, arrested and is waiting for trial.

Of course they believe he may be mentally unstable. Because in all honesty, does anyone think that someone who is in great mental health would do something like this? It’s so incredibly disturbing to think of someone just dumping their child, or any child for that matter, out like they are trash.

Children are not trash. They are not disposable.
If you don’t want them. Try to prevent yourself from having them.
If you can’t, there are other options!

It is so hard to find positivity when it comes to stories such as this one.
However, hearing stories like these make people more aware of the awful things that go around us each and every day. It brings awareness to mental disease, it brings awareness to child abuse, it helps others realize the need for advocates. It helps people realize the need for foster parents and adoptive parents. If someone can help just one person from being involved in a situation such as this one, that is one less person that will have to suffer.

❤ May there still be a glimmer of hope for man kind ❤